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St. Andrey Rublyov.
The Trinity.
Tretyakov Art Gallery, Moscow.

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Ermakov N.I.

Ermakov Nikolai Ivanovich.
Years of life 1935 - 2004.
Began his working career in 1952 in Starotrubny Plant (Pervouralsk) as a pupil of an electrician.
In 1954 1957 served in the group of Soviet troops based in Germany.
Since 1957 worked as an electrician at Staro-
trubny Plant. Was a member of the factory football team, was fond of chess and radio-
amateur.  Since 1985 worked as an electrician
of the Central Laboratory of the Joint - Stock
Company Pervouralsk Novotrubny Plant.  In 1991 became refired.
In the Studio Izograf had been since 1987 to 1993.

Further some works by  Ermakov Nikolai Ivanovich  are represented.

Autumn light
(oil on canvas)

(oil on cardboard)

Summer in the village Pilnaya
(oil on cardboard)

Land of childhood
(oil on cardboard)

Childhood recollections
(oil on cardboard)

Old-clothes man
(oil on cardboard)

Childhood recollections
(oil on cardboard)

Over-the-pond district.
(oil on cardboard)

Hill "Mogilitsa"
(oil on cardboard)

Tip-cat game
(oil on cardboard)

(oil on cardboard)

"Grey Ural"
(oil on cardboard)

Old Cathedral
of St. Peter
and St. Paul
(oil on canvas)

at moonlit night"
(oil on orgalite)

The Simakov's house
(oil on cardboard)

Shaitansky plant
(oil on cardboard)

Old stadium.
"Young fans".
(oil on cardboard)

(oil on cardboard)

Fitters of electric transmission line
(oil on cardboard)

Last warmth
(oil on canvas)

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