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St. Andrey Rublyov.
The Trinity.
Tretyakov Art Gallery, Moscow.

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Susanov V.I.

Susanov Vladimir Ivanovich.
Born in 1950.
The graduate of Ekaterinburg Art College
named after Shadr. In 1984 he founded the Art Studio, based at the Palace of Culture, belonging to the Joint - Stock Company Pervouralsk Novotrubny Plant.
Susanov Vladimir Ivanovich has got well-deserved
recognition, he's the member of the Cultural and Art Council at the Head of Pervouralsk.
Many of his pupils became professionals in various
fields of Art. He keeps in touch with some of his pupils and
continues to cooperate with them in his artistic career.

Further some works by  Susanov Vladimir Ivanovich  are represented.

on Chusovaya river
(oil on cardboard)

Rocks "Boitsy"
on Chusovaya river
(gouache and tempera)

First snow.
In October.
(oil on cardboard)

Road to the village
of Pilnaya
(oil on cardboard)

Village still-life painting
(gouache and tempera)

Rock "Kamensky"
(oil on cardboard)

Still-life with
Riga's balm #1
(oil on cardboard)

Still-life with
Riga's balm #2
(oil on cardboard)

(pencil and

Still-life with apple
(coloured pencil
on paper)

Portrait of a boxer
(pencil on paper)

Nude. Dancer.
(felt-tip pen on paper)

Sketch to the painting "Farewell"
(sanguine on paper)

(oil on orgalite)

Crushing defeat
of the Shaitan's detatchment nearby
railway station Kuzino
(oil on orgalite)

Devoted to the Ural Volunteer Armoured corps.
(oil on canvas)

Portrait of a man.
Training composition.
(oil on canvas)

Portrait of the surgeon Shukhman V.I.
(pastel on paper)

View to the mountain "Mokraya"
(oil on cardboard)

Etude. The pines.
(oil on cardboard)

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